Dance, a timeless interpretation of life’s mood.

With exclusive choreography, the passion of art, and quality teaching, we, at ABCD Bollywood Dance Academy are counted among the top dance training centers, UK. With the continuous reveal of outstanding, vibrant and breath-taking dance practices linking distinct dance styles, our trainees give their audience a sensational feel of ABCD Bollywood’s versatility. Whatever be your daydreams, may be either learning professional dance, being fit, making new dance buddies, or having fun, make them become real at ABCD Bollywood Dance Academy. So, come, let’s enjoy the true art essence and learn to gain the tag of a top dancer of our Academy.

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Secret Dancing Facts


Dancers tend to be hard workers and focused.


For a leisure evening out, going dancing is also good exercise.


The constant presence of music improves brain functionality.


Today, professional dancers are regarded as athletes.

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Follow the beats of your dreams and enjoy dancing!

A form of art, dance is evolved purposefully to recreate the picked sequences of the human motion. The move you take defines a dance step. The evolution and innovation of thousands of years have created the modern dance that we enjoy today the most. Check out a few dance events and parties that will too make you dance with excitement.

First Dance

Our proficient instructors will make you feel comfortable while moving in rhythm with your partner.

Bollywood Hen Party

The best choice for the one who loves to dance and try something different by getting dressed differently.

Birthday Parties

Our Bollywood birthday parties highlight Beautiful songs, DJ Parties, Birthday Special Games, and more.

Corporate Events

Add a wow factor to your corporate event, and your staff will praise about you to everyone.

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