Bhangra Dance lessons

ABCD Bollywood

A new look to your old moves

A lively form of dance and music that took birth in the Punjab region in Southeast Asia is Bhangra. During the gone thirty years or so, Bhangra has earned loads of popularity all over the globe, both in traditional, as well as fusion with styles like hip-hop and more. 

We, at ABCD Bollywood, conducts classes for Bhangra where you are going to get the training from our skilled Bhangra dance instructors. The experienced teachers here will offer you with the best dance moves, skills for enhancing your self-expression, self-confidence, and more. 

All age group people are nurtured herein improving their lives, encouraging their bodies, and empowering their minds all through the strength of expressing themselves along with the rhythmic movements. With the dance instruction directly inspired by the dance and music of modern Bhangra styles, ABCD Bollywood is an exciting and fresh addition to the realm of dance and fitness.

Bhangra is now carried like a trend in the Indian as well as abroad marriages. Moreover, the bride and grooms are also caught expressing their Bhangra moves. Kids also don’t lag behind throwing their striking Bhangra moves.  

So, don’t simply waste your time in thinking. Just take a promise from yourself and burn the dance floor. Come to us, we will guide you towards the way to the Dancing Realm.