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A birthday party with the ABCD Bollywood dance club can be a memorable and pleasant event for all age group whether you are running in the 90s or sweet 1-16 years.  In the UK our Bollywood birthday parties feature Bollywood Themed workshops for all, DJ Parties, Beautiful Songs, Birthday Special Games, and Bollywood Special Gift Bags. The dance moves are easy-to-learn to make it possible for you all to enjoy at the heights. Let us know your requirements, will be happy to serve you the best!

Designed for all age group kids, we attempt hard to entertain the kids with high-energy, exciting, and interactive Bollywood dance parties that are hassle-free and hold no-mess. We are a great pick when it comes to loads of laughter and fun during the sessions. 

At ABCD Bollywood, the Instructors will teach some steps, the basic, that would be easy to get. After your confirmation for conducting events with us, we will offer you the relevant necessary details. It’s going to be a memorable experience not only for the kids but for you too.

ABCD Bollywood dance holds expert choreographers with years of experience performing with kids too with varied nationalities and cultures. We too customize the package as per your requirements and priorities. Try our service and get the best experience ever.

ABCD Bollywood

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Dance is a fitness and a fun-based way of staying healthy and active. We help our clients with enjoyable moves to make them stress-free, no matter what’s your fitness level or age. Dance is not that hard, it’s easy to move with beats but the interest is a must. 

We offer customized learning instructed by our experienced and trained teachers. You can also pick your taste of music, and even the steps (if you have any idea). We will drive you towards your objective smoothly, following your wishes, concept, and desires. 

We are always available to take your sessions for Bollywood and other dance categories, wedding dance, first dance, one to one lessons, corporate workshops, and more. Our students find it fun with learning sessions.