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ABCD Bollywood


An expert Bollywood dance instructor, Sarika Golchha with 20 years of experience teaches dance to the people of all age group. At three, she placed her dancing toes into this field and after becoming proficient in the same continued her talent as a dance instructor at the age of nine only. 

On the long runway of her career, she has appended many things to her intelligence. In India, she put the foundation of her profession where she got the training of Classical Dance forms like Katthak and many other regional forms of dance. 

Most of the time while carrying further her talent along she has done the gigs where she has taught many kids and also had worked organizing various big events. In Chelmsford, UK, she runs her dance club named, ABCD Bollywood, where she conducts regular classes not only for kids but for adults as well. She poses a true performer, choreographer, creative director, instructor and a founder of the dance club. 

Since the establishment of ABCD Bollywood, it has been linked with many premier schools like St. Annes and Felsted, also it is associated with many charities like Mencap where she instructs dance moves to differently abled kids. 

Additionally, she is skilled and actively participate in running the corporate events that are based on Bollywood themes. 

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ABCD Bollywood


We target to reveal just how diverse Bollywood is known to be a widely-known dance style and about its constant emergence. We just try our level best to reinvent Bollywood dance form by going beyond our cultural boundaries. Undoubtedly, when it comes to its fame, it’s just running fast all around the world. By creating exclusive choreographies that blend modern dance forms with the latest and most vibrant Bollywood music, ABCD is the best school for Bollywood style dancing with burn the stage attitude. 

Dance is all about mood and attitude. We run our classes with the main focus on offering a fun feel while teaching the stars of tomorrow the art and technique of performance. 

We offer quality dance teaching and a positive instructing strategy to the dancers of all age group and experience.